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Pentación Espectáculos

Pentación Espectáculos was founded in 1988 by six theatre professionals. José Luis Alonso de Santos, Gerardo Malla, Rafael Álvarez "El Brujo", Margarita Piñero, Tato Cabal and Jesús Cimarro. Two worlds, art and management, were fused together for a common cause. Pentación is a private company with one simple purpose: to produce, promote and distribute theatre shows. We endeavor to revitalise theatre terminology, themes and authors in order to provide socially relevant stories which capture the contemporary audience´s imagination. Our current director, Jesús Cimarro, is the last of the six founding members to remain with the company.

Current shows

Pentación Familiar


‘De mutuo desacuerdo’ arrives in Madrid’s Teatro Bellas Artes for 9 weeks

TV couple Toni Acosta and Iñaki Miramón play two divorced people who have to deal with a troubled school kid. A successful comedy with a sad background.

De mutuo desacuerdo

Hilarious ‘Plutus’ from Classic Theater Festival of Mérida arrives in Madrid’s Teatro La Latina

Aristophanes' classic is more than 2000 years old, but Emilio Hernández's version is as contemporary as it gets, with problems that remind us of what we see daily in the news. Also, it has songs.

60 Festival de Mérida- Pase gráfico "Pluto", de Aristófanes, dirigida por Magüi Mira y protagonizada por Javier Gurruchaga.

Mark Twain’s ‘Hoy: El diario de Adán y Eva’ fills with comedy and tenderness the Bellas Artes Theatre

Since its premiere in july 2013, the play has been more than 120 times on stage and now will stay until March 15th in Madrid.

Hoy: El diario de Adán y Eva

‘El eunuco’ is a hit in Madrid’s theatre La Latina

The show will be on this stage until March 22th, and then it will keep on tour.

El Eunuco - Teatro La Latina

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Diseño gráfico: David Sueiro  |  Desarrollo: Axel Kacelnik